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Debian PM

This project is currently work-in-progress. Please only install it if you are interested in contributing!

This project is maintains a repository of mobile specific debian packages of which some can not be easily upstreamed into debian.

We are taking a pragmatic approach to possibly support a wider range of devices. While all packages in the main repository have to be free software, some allow you to load android drivers (libhybris) if your device needs them. Please not that proprietary parts are not shipped as part of the images and have to be built into a suitable image using Halium or downloaded elsewhere. Images for mainlined devices however do not include those android support packages.

Prebuilt rootfs images are available for devices supported by Halium and by the mainline kernel. Currently those support i386, armhf and some arm64 devices.

Plasma Mobile is used as mobile user interface. To learn more about the project, please visit

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